Long milling

We offer planing services with five spindle long milling machine WEINIG.
-width from 10mm to 200mm
-height from 5mm to 100mm
-lenght from 700mm to 6100mm


Press for plate and beam stitching.
We use press with three sections. The maximum dimensions of parts:
-width up to 700mm
-thickness up tp 120mm
-lenght up to 6050mm

UV varnishing

We offer wood parts varnishing with UV varnish coating.
Parts size:
- width from 10mm to 80mm
- height from 5mm to 80mm
- lenght from 1000mm to 6100mm
Details can be regular shape and profiled.
Varnishing can be made from all sides at the same time or in any combination of planes.
The applied varnish can be tinted in different tones.

We produce

We produce various custom timber profiles for decorations, floor boards and sawn material for building constructions.